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About Us

Healthy. Quality. Stylish.

myDOUBLE DESIGN was started to solve a simple problem – we are here to provide healthy, high quality and stylish chest binders to an underserved market. With myDOUBLE Design chest binders, guys/gals discover awesome chest binders that they can finally wear all day and enjoy their daily life. We value comfort, quality, and healthy life style, and we won't compromise. myDOUBLE DESIGN are proudly designed, manufactured, and distributed by LGBT community. We value our community and always give back.


What is Double Design’s Guarantee?

We appreciate your business and we want you to be happy with our products. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us at service@mydoubledesign.com


Share your story.

We want to recognize the incredible things happening because how our binders change the lives of people. If you enjoy our services, please tell other people. Share your amazing story at www.facebook.com/mydoubledesign